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100% Genuine GM/Buick Parts


We offer genuine GM parts and accessories for your Buick. Our parts are covered by your new cars warranty or 24 months/unlimited miles that is good at ANY GM dealership just down the block from where you live.

Genuine Buick Parts

There are too many options out there to get your parts and we understand that, too.  We also buy parts online for our cars and we’ve made it easy for you to get your parts online — quick and inexpensive!

direct from GM

The parts we sell are the same parts, with the same warranty you would get at your local dealership without the hassle and inconvenience of leaving your house.  They all come from the same place, but we just sell them cheaper.

New not Used

100% Genuine parts with the factory warranty

Fast Shipping

If your parts are in-stock, we will ship them out quickly!

Maintenance Parts

We have tune-up parts, too! Air filters, brake pads or belts; we have them!


We have factory accessories.  Don’t have it but want it, we have it!

Genuine Fit

The parts we sell will fit your Buick because they were made for your Buick!

More Then Buick

We have parts for ALL GM makes and Models! Even Pontiac & Saturn!

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